Zobi Weighted Blanket

  • PATENT PENDING FULL ZIP-ON DUVET: Keeps the weight evenly disbursed. No sagging edges/corners like competitor's blankets.
  • ZOBI's NON-TRADITIONAL: Design uses an invisible zipper rather than fabric ties to keep the weighted layer in place. This engineering provides even compression and weight disbursement across the entire body.
  • SEVEN LAYERS OF COMFORT: These layers each serve their own purpose to provide just enough HEAT and BREATHABILITY. All made from the highest grade fabric and materials.
  • SMALLEST GRIDDED STITCHING: The Zobi Weighted Blanket has the smallest gridded pockets among all of the weighted blankets. This ensures even weight distribution across the entire body.
  • MATERIALS: Zobi Blankets are made from non-toxic, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly fabrics and materials. 100% Cotton Inner Layer filled with Glass Beads to provide a comfortable compression across the entire body.

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